About us

Why Pricery?

At the heart of Pricery is a passion for people, other cultures, SaaS, and growth. We believe purchasing power adapted localized prices should be the norm on the Web and work in the direction. Here is why:

Our Vision & Mission

Pricery’s vision is clear: To make SaaS businesses understand that their foreign audiences, especially from emerging countries, are as valuable as their Western counterparts. Picture this: SaaS platforms are digital tools, and creating a new account often costs next to nothing. Yet, missing out on a potential client equates to a loss of income. In essence, while selling at a slightly lesser price might yield profit, businesses often end up selling at zero.

Imagine if, in the physical world, we had the ability to almost freely replicate tools. Wouldn’t we do everything in our power to ensure that people in emerging countries could access and use these tools to build and create? It's this lost opportunity and unrealized potential that Pricery aims to rectify. Our mission is to equip every SaaS with the ability to offer pricing in local currencies—safely and optimally. Through VPN protection and data-driven insights, we aim to make every customer feel acknowledged and valued, boosting global sales and presence for businesses.

Founder/Market fit

Hey, I'm Jules Maregiano , from Paris, France. My background in import/export and international marketing, and my years of study and life in countries like Japan, Australia, Nepal, and across Europe opened my eyes to the unique pricing challenges businesses face in different parts of the world.

My journey into the world of SaaS began at Phantombuster , a SaaS company I help grow when 0 to 500k MRR as the first employee. It was here that I spotted an incredible figure: 20% of our traffic came from India - roughly the same as those coming from US - but only 0,5% of our revenue was made from Indian customers - when it was 30% from the US. This ignited a spark. Could optimizing pricing strategies by adapting to each country's currency and purchasing power be the key to bridging this gap?

Value Proposition

With just two lines of JS code seamlessly integrated in under 5 minutes, Pricery catapults your SaaS business into the global marketplace. No more endless hours of research or costly hires — our tool equips you with over 20 key macroeconomic data points sourced from renowned institutions like the OECD, the World Bank , Google, and other sources, coupled with precise financial insights from XE.com and Stripe . The result? An unprecedented clarity in pricing for every corner of the world.

But it doesn't end there. Our expertise is backed by real-world results: businesses have seen an average increase in sales up to 28% by merely optimizing their pricing strategy with Pricery. While other tools complicate the process, trapping you into buying additional expert hours, Pricery streamlines it, saving you tens of thousands of dollars annually. Dive in and experience the future of SaaS pricing — where simplicity meets sophisticated strategy.

Small team

Being a solo founder (with help, thanks God) has its perks – one of them is accessibility. I am always keen on sharing insights from my journey, and I'm here to assist every step of the way. Whether it's a demo call to fine-tune your pricing or sharing experiences about the unique challenges faced by SaaS founders in emerging markets, I'm all ears. Someday, I dream of touring the world, meeting SaaS founders from every corner, documenting their stories, and learning from their experiences.

Looking Ahead

While Pricery is currently a micro SaaS, the dream is to expand, building a team that shares the same vision and passion. As we grow, we promise to uphold the values that Pricery was built on, ensuring that businesses worldwide can leverage the power of optimal localized pricing.

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