Stripe Price Localization Localized Stripe Prices Maximized Global Sales 🌎

Offer the price that converts your global audience
without changing anything to your current design

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Price localization to grow your global sales

Adapt your prices to each country's audience, currency, and ability to pay,
to remove friction and increase your sales.

by displaying
price subtitles
by charging in local currencies
by adapting prices to local purchasing power

*Average sales increase in targeted countries from 400+ SaaS businesses

Localized prices in minutes, not days.

Don't spend days reinventing the wheel: Pricery packs all the price localization features in one tool. Start offering multicurrency in production in 5 minutes!

Zero changes to your current design

Pricery empowers you with a few selectors hidden in your current pricing page to give it super powers

All the necessary features

We pack all the features expected to deploy multicurrency: Preselected currency, currency picker, annual switch, graduate pricing, and more.

Accurate and safe localization

Delegate the hassle of localization, handling VPN, and learning about each country’s local best practices to a specialist.

Empower your marketers with an interface

Plug Pricery and leave it to your marketers to control the rest: Price changes, rolling out new countries, deploying temporary promotions, and more. Zero code required!

Deploy localized prices quickly

Remove friction and increase sales by charging foreign customers their own currency. Create, update, and assign local prices in 2 clicks.

Also localize promotions and currencies

Fine-tune your prices, promotion, and available currencies, for each country in the world. Do tests,

Display cosmetic pricing aka price subtitles

For currencies you don’t support, display a price equivalent and show your foreign audiences you care about them.

Increase foreign sales by 28%+

Offering localized prices has a major positive impact on your sales from day 1. It creates trust, clarity, and delivers lasting results.

Increase conversion rate in Western countries

By simply offering payment in their currency, SaaS businesses increase their sales by 14% on average in "rich" countries: Eurozone, CANZAD, Japan, Swiss, etc.

10x revenue in emerging countries

Emerging markets become a huge growth opportunity once you adapt your prices to the local purchasing power. We empower you with data to find that optimal price and increase sales by 28%.

Prevent local competition

If you're not adapting to local markets, someone else will. Secure those market shares by serving these markets properly.

Save time on setup and maintenance

We help you find your best prices in each country and keep those prices relevant as rates and laws evolve.

Average MoM revenue growth for 400+ SaaS businesses sorted by type of localization

Pricing Plans

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Free plan

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What's included

  • 100 visitors/mo
  • Adapt up to 6 products
  • Manage 1 website

Start-up Plan

For burgeonning businesseses with an international audience.

$ 29 /mo

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What's included

  • 1.500 visitors/mo
  • Adapt up to 12 products.
  • Manage 1 website

Scale-up Plan

For running businesses with plans of growing globally.

$ 89 /mo

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What's included

  • 15.000 visitors/mo
  • Unlimited products.
  • Manage 1 website
  • VPN protection.
  • Organization features

Agency plan

For agencies managing multiples website's pricing.

$ 189 /mo

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What's included

  • 100.000 visitors/mo
  • Unlimited products
  • Unlimited websites
  • VPN protection
  • Organization features
  • Dedicated support

Frequently asked questions

Currency conversion are handled by Stripe for a ~0.5% fee. In order to both please your customers (by handling their currency and conversion fees), and not hurt your margins, we recommend integrating that fee into your new converted price.

Depending on the complexity of your billing system, the changes can range from nothing to substantial. Since we're built on Stripe, we strongly recommend using Stripe Tax and Stripe Billing , in which case you wouldn't have anything to do. If you're using a 3rd-party app or custom system, please reach out so we can help you assess the situation.

For each country, we recommend using - or not - the local currency. In countries we consider stable, we'll recommend prices in local currency. Countries under financial or social stress will be considered "unstable", and we'll recommend the most effective, closest currency to that country.

Yes. Pricery deploys all Stripe currencies with Stripe Connect on your live website in 2 minutes.

Boost your global sales: Deploy multi-currency today.